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Reg.ID First Name Last Name State Member Id CME Workshop
1 Bhupinder Kaur Batth Punjab No Not Required
2 Sumit Garg Chandigarh 5667 No No
3 Radhika Srinivasan Chandigarh LR-025 Yes Next Generation Sequencing
4 Naresh Rai Rajasthan LR-026 Yes Not Required
5 Shampy Gupta Punjab 123 No No
7 Nilam More Maharashtra LE-1 No Not Required
8 Shikha Chopra Delhi No Not Required
9 Uma Nahar Chandigarh Yes Not Required
10 Amber Parwaiz Chandigarh No Not Required
11 Pankaj Kumar Chandigarh No Not Required
12 Pranab Dey Chandigarh LD024 Yes Flow Cytometry
13 Arvind Rajwanshi Chandigarh LR09 Yes Flow Cytometry
14 Divya Aggarwal Chandigarh v No Not Required
15 Suresh K Gupta Uttar Pradesh L-066 Yes Flow Cytometry
17 Poonam Elhence Rajasthan LM234 No Not Required
18 Sudha Sharma Himachal Pradesh
19 Manjula Jain Delhi LJ-12 No Not Required
20 Prita Pradhan Orissa LP 122/18 Yes Cell Block
21 Surendra Kumar Puducherry LV-70 Yes Next Generation Sequencing
23 Shailja Puri Himachal Pradesh LW-02/13 Yes Cell Block
24 Debasis Gochhait Puducherry LG-118/17 Yes Flow Cytometry
25 Indranil Chakrabarti West Bengal L-67 Yes Next Generation Sequencing
26 Stephen Chandigarh No Cell Block
28 Linika Agrawal Chandigarh LA70 Yes Cell Block
29 Meeta Singh Delhi LS-261/15 No Not Required
30 Pallavi Mehra Bihar Yes Next Generation Sequencing
31 Parikshit Sanyal Punjab LS-282/17 No Not Required
32 Manish Rohilla Chandigarh 84/15 Yes Cell Block
33 Shivani Nayar Chandigarh Yes Not Required
35 Gargi Kapatia Chandigarh No
36 Shruti Gupta Chandigarh No
37 brijdeep singh Chandigarh No
38 Ashmita Saha Punjab No
39 CHANDRASHEKAR JANARDAN Karnataka Yes Cell Block
40 Ojas Gupta Chandigarh No
41 Goutami Dasnayak Orissa Yes Next Generation Sequencing
42 Mukul Singh Delhi 37 No Not Required
43 Apurva Arora Punjab No Not Required
44 RANJAN AGRAWAL Uttar Pradesh LA/23 No Not Required
45 Malathi MukundaPai Karnataka LM-149/15 No Not Required
46 Malvika Magadhi Rajasthan Yes Flow Cytometry
47 Robin Tuli Punjab LT044 Yes Next Generation Sequencing
48 Ridhum Tuli Punjab Yes Not Required
49 ROHIT TEWARI Delhi LT30 Yes Not Required
50 Bharat Rekhi Maharashtra LR-049 Yes Not Required
52 MRINAL PATRA Jharkhand Applied for No Flow Cytometry
53 Dibyanshu Sekhar Chandigarh No Not Required
54 Neelam Jain Madhya Pradesh No Not Required
56 Sunil Kumar Bihar LK-183/2017 Yes Not Required
57 Sonal Singla Chandigarh No Not Required
59 Manoj Madakshira Chandigarh LM-143-14 No Not Required
60 Tanish Mandal Uttar Pradesh Yes Flow Cytometry
61 Roque Gabriel Wiseman Pinto Goa LP 024 No Not Required
62 PALASH KUMAR MANDAL West Bengal LM 106 No Not Required
63 Pallavi Singhal Uttar Pradesh LS-274/16 Yes Cell Block
64 GAJENDRA YADAV Haryana LY-003 No Next Generation Sequencing
65 Lijanthung Kithan Chandigarh No Not Required
66 Sachin Sharma Himachal Pradesh No Not Required
67 DEVARAKONDA BHARGAV Delhi No Flow Cytometry
68 ALOK RANJAN JHA Delhi No Flow Cytometry
69 Tushar Mittal Chandigarh No Not Required
70 Rashmi Joshi Chandigarh No Not Required
71 Neha Saharan Chandigarh No Not Required
72 Pawan Kumar Chandigarh No Not Required
73 Neha Bhardwaj Chandigarh No Not Required
74 Khalid Abdul Mannan Chandigarh No Not Required
75 Oshan Saini Chandigarh No Not Required
77 Tanwi Singh Bihar Yes Liquid Based Cytology
78 Mukta Pujani Delhi DMC Yes Cell Block
79 Deepak Kumar Bihar 23574/88 Yes Not Required
80 JESTY PULLATTU TOM Chandigarh No Not Required
82 Sanjay Gupta Delhi LG 048 No Not Required
83 Anuja Mishra Bihar Yes Flow Cytometry
84 Madhusmita Jena Karnataka LJ-58 No Next Generation Sequencing
85 SUKLA MITRA West Bengal Yes Cell Block
86 Manisha Sarkar West Bengal Yes Cell Block
87 Ruchika Gupta Uttar Pradesh No Not Required
88 Vineeta Luthra Haryana MS 219 No Not Required
89 Hemangini Chowdhury Delhi No Not Required
90 Anjali Thakur Chandigarh No Not Required
91 Rakhi Aulakh Chandigarh No Not Required
92 Sukant Garg Chandigarh Yes Not Required
93 Vijay Shrawan Nijhawan Haryana LN-06 Yes Not Required
95 Pritam Gandhi Maharashtra LG20 Yes Not Required
97 Tushar Pandey Chandigarh No Not Required
98 Dev Prasoon Bihar LP-028 Yes Not Required
99 Arvind Kumar Uttarakhand LK-190/18 Yes Next Generation Sequencing
101 vikram singh Chandigarh No Not Required
102 Parimal Agrawal Bihar LA-95/15 Yes Not Required
103 sangeeta kini Maharashtra LK-197/19 Yes Not Required
104 Pooja Bakshi Delhi IAC LB-107 No Not Required
105 Mahesh Karigoudar Karnataka L/K/88 No Next Generation Sequencing
106 PUNEET KALRA Uttarakhand Yes Not Required
107 Khyati Segan Punjab Yes Not Required
108 Suneel Rahagiri Chandigarh No Not Required
109 Pragya Verma Chandigarh No Not Required
110 Nishtha Ahuja Chandigarh No Not Required
111 Mamata Guha Mallick (Sinha) West Bengal LM44 No Not Required
112 Nazia M Walvir Delhi No Flow Cytometry
113 Anand Bardia Chandigarh No Next Generation Sequencing

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